What is Mercury in Astrology? What does Mercury Represent in Astrology?

Mercury in Astrology
Mercury in Astrology

Mercury in Astrology represents speech and the power of discernment and reveals the degree of light shining through our intellectual mind, how clearly we can see connections and express our thoughts. A well placed Mercury in astrology will produce a radiant mind, and a “happy go lucky” quality in the native. The native can literally shine a light on any confusing situation and lighten people’s hearts in the process.

A Mercury in a challenging position will make the native feel as if cut off from the source of mental light, and easy experience struggles and darkness when trying to understand the logic and gain mental clarity. Expressing feelings and articulating thoughts seem to take a lot of effort as if there is too little light to see inside one’s own mind.

Mercury in Astrology represents speech, and the influences on Mercury will reveal the particular way the native speaks. The other way of using the planetary significations is as qualities. For example, if Chandra is prominently placed in the chart, the native will have overall qualities of being mindful and emotional. An influence from Budha (Mercury) will make the native talkative.

Mercury is known as the prince in astrology. He is the royal messenger for the king. He delivers the important messages of the king to others. Mercury in astrology is the karaka of communication of all kinds. Mercury in astrology also represents speech and our inner playfulness. Since he is a royal, he takes his duty as the messenger seriously. This is why Mercury is also intelligent because, in order for anyone to have good communication, one needs to be intelligent. Mercury is also our business and management skills due to his calculative and logical nature, and love for the marketplace.

GrahaVedas SignificatorsExternal Object RepresentedInternal Object RepresentedQualities Represented
SunRoyalLeaders & AuthoritiesTalent for LeadershipLeadership, Aristocratic, Authoritative, Fatherly
MoonRoyalHigh Ranking People having a Nurturing Role MotherAbility to rule in a caring & supporting way, Nurturing SkillsCaring of groups, Motherly
MarsArmy ChiefCEO, Commander, Chief of OperationsAbility to Command others, Executive SkillsCommanding Ability to get others to do work
MercuryPrinceDiplomats, Secretary to Highly Placed People, Carefree People of Hight StatusDiplomatic Skills and Access to Highly Placed People in generalMediating, Playfulness, Curiosity
JupiterMinisterJudges, Advisors, Scholars, Professors, ExpertsAbility to Judge and Advise others, Ability to master a knowledgeWise, Scholarly, Advising, Consulting
VenusMinisterCounsellors, Advisors, RepresentativesThe ability to create harmony among people, the ability to relate to others pleasantlyHarmonizing, Understanding, Representative
SaturnServentEmployees, Helpers, Servent, AssistantsThe ability to serve others, our draw to most basic values in lifeServing, Involved to Basic Value Work, Hardwork
RahuArmyPeople that rebel and break boundaries, people that are not part of the communityThe wild side in us, Intense desiresHard to Contain, Unpredictable

What Does Mercury in Astrology Signify?

  • Externally, Mercury in astrology represents natives that communicate a lot, are mediators, translators, messengers, or are involved in any form of transfer or transmission of information. Mercury also signifies playful and funny natives, natives that joke or play with words, natives that imitate others, adults that are child-like excited, or curious.
  • Physically, Mercury in astrology represents the parts of the body that are involved in internal and external communication: the nervous system (internal), the mouth, lips, and hands (external). Mercury also signifies the skin, as it functions as an exchange organ with the outside world.
  • Internally, Mercury in astrology represents the intellectual mind, logic, discrimination, ability to use language and symbols, communication skills, short-term memory, adaptability, and a sense of humor.
  • Qualities signed by Mercury in Vedic Astrology are quick, adaptable, witty, funny, and boyish.
  • Determining which objects are signified by Mercury in Astrology: Whatever part is responsible for communication, quick transfer of information, providing infrastructure to your system, allowing contrasting parts to work together.
  • Neutral Natural quality of Mercury: One thing to remember about Mercury is that because it is a neutral natural, it can become benefic and malefic at the same time. If Mercury is in conjunction with a natural benefic, then it acts like a benefic planet. If Mercury is with a natural malefic planet, then it acts like a malefic. If Mercury is with both natural malefic and benefic as in Venus, Mercury, and Saturn, then the difference in degrees is looked in all three of them. The closest degree to Mercury will influence Mercury more, however, if Venus and Saturn are both within 5 degrees of Mercury, then it gives mixed results.

Karakatwas of the Mercury in Astrology

  • Karaka is the reason for happening events in life whereas Karakatwas is the domain of the planet for delivering things. For example- Venus is Karaka of Marriage whereas Karakatwas of Venus is Marriage.
  • As per Uttara Kalamrita, Mercury in Astrology is the Karakatwas for: Speech, courteous speech, writing, education, a scholar, wise lectures, wisdom, mathematics, specialist in grammar, proficient in Telugu language, depth of a language, astrology, spells of a high order, influencing through recitation of mantras, sacred prayer, an amulet, versed in the legends of the past, green color, garden, a beautiful house, moving in villages, treasury, mixed items, dust, infantry, palatial building, sculpture, religious action, devotion, pilgrimage to holy places, temple, worship of lord Vishnu, trading, horses, best ornaments, new garment, impartial nature, tranquility, modesty, bad dreams, facing North, wet, bell metal, renunciation, ritu (season), child, crooked look, heaven, fear, skin, navel, neck, humorous temperament, dancing, powerful in the morning, hemanta ritu, stone to sharpen knives, family prosperity, bird, after born, the directions, tower, pudendum, virile, benefic, fond of northwest quarter, well, doctor, expert in testing of the precious stones, paternal relation, maternal grandfather, maternal uncle.

Health and Physiology Significance of Mercury in Astrology

Mercury in Vedic Astrology has the following health significance: Mercury signifies skin. Mercury in Astrology brings disease trouble to the vocal organs, eye-disease, disease of throat and nose, fever, diseases arising from the three humours vata, pittha and kapha, poison, skin diseases anaemia, bad dreams, itches and scab psoriasis, accidents due to fire, troubles arising out of violence and imprisonment and harm from evil demons moving in the abodes of Gandharvas, and in fiery pits (where these evil spirits usually dwell) or Gandharvas, the Earth, mansions and horses, etc., as well as evil spirits.

Mercury causes death through anemia, bloodlessness and similar diseases and giddiness. Mercury governs smell (nose). The above mentioned things will happen or not will depend on whether Mercury is placed good or bad in the native’s Birth Chart.

What is Mercury in Vedic Astrology Prediction for Health, Marriage, Career & Wealth
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Muhurat Significance of Mercury in Astrology

On a day presided over by Mercury or when Mercury is in the ascendant, all work undertaken in connection with the following things will be crowned with success: Green substances, gems, lands, perfumes, garments, things that are both harsh and mild, drama, sastra, science (metaphysics), poetry, all fine arts, preparation of compounds, mixtures, etc., achieving control over a Mantra, alchemy, arguments, skill, meritorious deeds, observance of vows, messengers, elixirs (that prolong life), feigned talk, falsehood, bath, things are done in a short, moderate and long interval to captivate other’s hearts, (or short, medium and long articles) like the foot-prints on the earth during heavy rain.

Dasha Significance of Mercury in Astrology

From the results predicted for dashas (planetary periods), we can learn additional favorable and unfavorable significations and associations.

  • During Mercury’s auspicious Dasha or Antardasha, the native gets wealth from ambassadorship, from friends, preceptors, and Brahmanas, acquires name and fame amongst literary persons and obtains brass utensils, gold, mules, lands, good fortune and happiness. The native is also very witty, serviceable, of much intellectual power, and attains success in doing religious deeds.
  • During Mercury’s inauspicious Dasha or Antardasha, the native becomes rough in speech, suffers from grief, imprisonment, pain in mind and diseases due to the disorders in bile, phlegm, and wind.

Description of Planet Mercury in Astrology

  • According to Parashara: Mercury is endowed with an attractive physique and the capacity to use words with many meanings. He is fond of jokes. He has a mix of all the three humours.
  • According to Horasara: Mercury’s eyes are dark. He is well-versed in politics (or in policy-making), is of medium height, sometimes firm and sometimes unsteady, jolly natured, in touch with all kinds of news, witty, scholarly, and has the composition mixed with the three humors (i. e. bile, phlegm, and wind).
  • According to Bhirat Jataka: Mercury in Astrology has his voice tremulous, choked by intense feelings, is always humorous and joking, and is of bilious, windy, and phlegmatic temperament.
  • According to Saravali: Mercury’s eyes are reddish and broad. He speaks sweetly. His complexion is of green grass. He has strong skin. He is an extremely Rajasic planet. He is clear in his speech and is pure. He has a mixture of the three humors, i.e. phlegm, bile, and wind. He remains delighted and has moderate beauty. He is skillful and sinewy. He is agreeable to all in dressing and speech and wears green robes.
  • According to Phala Deepika: Mercury is green as the blade of a qurva or panic grass. He is a mixture of the three humours (vata-wind), (pittha-bile), and (kapha-phlegm). His body is full of veins. He is pleasant in his speech. He has red and long eyes and is clad in green. He governs the skin, is fond of fun, and possesses even limbs.
  • According to Sarvartha Chintamani: Mercury is of the color of green grass, is highly learned, is ambitious, truthful in speech. He is jocular, possesses all the three humors bile, phlegm, and wind, gives status, etc., with quickness, and is impotent.

Characteristics of Mercury in Astrology

DescriptionAttractive Physique, Capacity to use words with many meanings, Fond of jokes, Mix of all the three humours
PersonalityLad of 20 years
NatureMalefic/Benefic depending on Conjunction & Placement
Primary IngredientsSkin
Aspect of LifeSpeech giver, Five senses, Smell (nose)
Characteristic mark on bodyOn the Right side, Armpit
Apparel / ClothingGreen cloth, wet cloth, that is just squeezed of water, black silken
ColorsGreen like Durva grass, Greenish, Parrot Green
CasteShudras, Commercial Community
GunasRajas or passionate activity, Rajas or passion, Rajasic
RelationshipAdopted Son
Social StatusPrince Apparent
DirectionNorth, North West
Primordial CompoundEarth
Average Daily Motion65 to 100 Degrees
Rashi of ExaltationVirgo 15 Degrees
Rashi of DebilitationPisces 15 Degrees
SeasonAutumn, Sharad
DurationA Season of Two months, Ritu
Grain / PulseGreen Gram
TasteAll the six tastes mixed, Astringent, Sweet, Sour (acid), Mixed
MetalsWhite Copper, Lead, Zinc
Dhatu / MulaJeeva (animals), Minerals (in own signs), Animals (in other signs), Jivas
OrnamentsEar ornaments, Emerald-set Earrings
Precious StonesEmerald shaped like the bird Garuda, Emerald
StonesEmerald-like Stone
Plants, Trees and FoodFruit-bearing and Fruitless trees, Fruitless plants
Abode (Residence)Mud pots, Sport-ground
DeitiesMaha Vishnu, Vishnu

Prediction of Mercury in 12 Different Houses in Astrology

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